Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cricut Cart Sale - It's On!!!

Well ladies,

I am selling my Cricut supplies!  If you are interested head on over to my Etsy Shop.

Thank you for expressing interest!

Blythe Starkie

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I got quite the surprise...


Surprise it was...

Many of you know that I have been swooning over a certain sleek, tall, and smooth man.  I have been waiting since August for him to come into my life.  After a couple of months the day finally came where I was able to set up a time and place for our first meeting.  I made all arrangements for our first date and put down a deposit on our reservation.  I was anxiously awaiting the approaching date that was set for the second week of November.  Well, when I opened my email yesterday morning there was quite the surprise.  I noticed that I received an email from Cam the night before saying that he would be meeting me the next day.  Imagine my face as I read these words.  Delight overcame me just knowing I did not have to wait three more weeks!  I instantly got sooooo excited!  I could not wait to meet this new love of my life.  Only a short hour later my love arrived! 

Oh Cam!  I love you so!
(Don't worry ladies, I have admitted to my husband of my strong feelings to my new man.  He may get a little jealous at times but he is a good sport about the situation).

It was absolute torture the rest of the day.  I was at work and for some reason had to work the whole seven hours left in my day.  I don't understand why I had to work; I should be able to leave with such an important life changing event (maybe I am over exaggerating... but only a little bit).  I was looking forward to getting to spend some quality one-on-one time with my new beau!  Knowing that my love was finally in my arms but just out of reach drove me crazy!  And I will tell you right now... Not being able to spend time with him made seven hours D-R-A-G!!! 

Finally, after a very long wait, I was able to make my journey home and start on our relationship by getting to know one another.  Let me just tell you that Cam looks even better in person!  He knows all the right words to say and I know that we are going to have a beautiful relationship!  I look forward to some serious hours spent together as he helps me create beautiful projects!

(Picture of opened box and all inside to come)

I still can't believe he is here!  Yay!

I love you Cam!

Also, I should thank my cute hubby.  I love my husband for supporting my hobbies and letting me get Cam.  He is such a wonderful husband and I really do love him a whole bunch.  Which is why my first little project I did last night was for him.  :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pinning and Swooning

That's right... I have been on a "pinning" spree thanks to Pinterest!  Two words: Holy Moly!!!  There are tons and tons of creative ideas flowing on there!  I seriously can't even handle the excitement I feel when looking for inspiration.  There are so many great ideas and crafters in the world.  I am so thankful to live in a time that I am able to learn how to do a craft by reading someone's blog or by watching a You Tube video.  We are so blessed with so much free imformation on the internet and I am really thankful for that. 

Here are two Pinterest inspired projects I added to my fall decor.  I must say that I am rather pleased with how they have turned out.  I am anxious to get going on some other projects for my home.  I just love the holidays!

 This wreath was SOOOO easy to make.  Seriously... if you think it is cute I promise you can do it.  I bought a wire wreath frame from Hobby Lobby and some floral wire.  I also bought some cute orange wired ribbon and two costume boa's.  You just attach the two boa's to the wreath frame with the floral wire.  Add then you add the ribbon and ta-da!  You are have yourself an inexpensive and pretty feather wreath!  Super cute, easy, and inexpensive, gotta love it! :o)

This little autumn arrangment was also really simple and I think it is quite pretty.  I do not know why I have been so afraid of arrangments all this time.  I think my problem was that I thought everything had to match and it had to be flowers.  (Do not ask my why I thought this)  It turned out so cool with a variety of things together.  Sticks, leaves, berries, feathers, and lots of color.  I think that it gives it great texture and catches the eye.  I love it and already have plans for my winter one.

I have been going crazy without paper crafting... It just doesn't feel right to use all my Cricut stuff since I am planning on selling it all.  As long as I have Pinterest type projects to do when I get a creative "sweet tooth"  then I think I might be okay.  I just wish life could slow down just enough so I can focus on selling all things Cricut.

And, I am swooning because I am going to be the owner of a Sihouette Cameo at the end of the month! (sigh)  I am so excited for her to get here so we can play and build a great relationship.  I have a feeling we will be instant BFF's! :o)

Well, thank you for reading this really long post about my random thoughts and projects.  I will leave you with this cute picture of my dog Cooper.  I was working on cleaning the house - yucky yucky house work - and I opened our ottoman to fill it with blankets and he just decided to make that his bed.  Silly boy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Non-Cricut Post

Hello beautiful crafty friends out there!

What a crazy couple of weeks I have had.  Work has kept me rather busy and when I get home the hustle and bustle just keeps on coming.  Sorry for those of you that have been waiting patiently for more information on the sale of my Cricut supplies.  I promise that will be coming soon.  I just have to wait for my schedule to smooth out and calm down a little bit.

A couple of weeks ago my Mom and I were trying to think of some cute neighbor gifts for the upcoming holidays.  We came across a super cute idea for a cupcake tote.  We gave it a try and for our first time doing them they turned out pretty cute.  I would perfect the final projects more but live and learn.  You always have to try to end up with the results you love.

This cute little tote was found at Paper Trey Ink and it is SOOOOO cute!  Seriously!  You need to go and try one.  Like now!

Here is the original idea.  I think it is way perfect and cute so good thing I practiced so next time I may have success like this!  Check it out!  Super Cute!