Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Shower Invites

Isn't it Friday yet? This week seems to be taking forever and I had Monday off from work. Yikes! We were able to celebrate my hubby's Birthday on Monday and it was sure a lot of fun. Always love Birthday's! Well, my sister-in-law is throwing a baby shower and she was unsure what to do about inviatations. I volunteerd right away because it would be fun and easy to do with Cam! Yay!!! They turned out pretty cute! I blacked out some of the inforamtion like the address, contact info, last name, etc. You can get the picture though. So fun!
I will post more information and details later so check back.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It just stinks!

Hello all you fellow crafters!

What a week.  It is so rainy and dark here in Salt Lake City and I am just not a fan, it just stinks... I really love the Spring and the sunshine.  My skin could use some good Vitamin D.  ha ha!  Maybe I should go on a vacation to a sunny beach or something. (wouldn't that be nice?)  I think I may just glow in the dark with how white and pasty I am!

I must also admit that I seriously love my Cameo.  I wanted to cut some Paper Trey Ink paper for this card, which is a little thicker, and Cam cut it perfectly!  I could not be happier!  Such clean lines and perfect little circles and cuts; I am just so in love!

As I mentioned a couple posts ago there are quite a lot of Birthdays coming up in the family including our parents who are getting older.  I really wanted to think of some funny/cute card ideas for them.  I successfully did one and I love how it turned out.  My husband really loves this card too and I think he really wants to give it to his Mom who he lovingly calls "old doll."  ha ha! (I hope she doesn't read this because it should be a surprise but I can't wait to post it)

Gettin' Old Stinks

I could not get over how cute this little skunk was.
You can find the SVG set at Lettering Delights, here.

The flowers are from the same SVG set and the little flag was part of some tags I bought at the Silhouette online store.  I used the print and cut feature for the cute little sentiment.

The shaped card was made with a tag I bought on Silhouette online store and I just welded them together.

Gettin' Old Stinks, but I am pretty sure that no matter the age Birthday's with a good card is always worth it!

Card Base - A2
Paper Trey Ink Paper
Skunk and Flowers - Peep Squeakers Cut It Sets
Lettering Delights font - Hearth Font
Foam pop up tape

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Up... Up... Up.. and AWAY!

Hello all you crafters!

Boy oh boy... I have sure been on a role with all my crafty creativeness lately.  Let's all hope this streak continues for a long time.  I greatly enjoy my time with crafting and I feel it lifts my spirits to do something I love!  Plus, with all the cards I make it just means I get to lift someone else's spirit and hopefully put a smile on their face so it is a win win!

I had this vision for a card when I saw this SVG set at Lettering Delights, found here, and knew I had to have it!  Their is just something about hot air balloons that always catch my eye.  It was one of my favorite things to watch in Park City, UT growing up!  They sure are awesome!

I just can't decide yet on what I am going to use this card for so I have not finished the sentiment.  But you will get the idea.

This card opens as a tri-fold kind of card.  Isn't is so cute?  It kind of reminded me of my childhood watching the hot air balloons fly up over the mountains!  Awesome!

Another view of the card all closed up and looking cute!  Should we see what it looks like as you open it up?

Here we go... Let's see what the inside looks like!

Ta Da!  Look how cool!  Flying high with happy cheerful carefreeness!

Doesn't that hot air balloon just make you smile? 
I love the colors together!

I am excited to pick someone special to give this too.  Maybe that will give me the inspiration on what the rest of the sentiment should be...  hee hee!

Thank you all so much for reading my blog and leaving all the crafty love in my comments!  That is the one thing that gets me excited about blogging my crafts!  You are all so wonderful!

I used a 4.5" x 5.0" rectangle base and then welded the mountain shape and the little rectangle shape to each side.
My hot air balloon is 3.5" x 4.760"
My trees all measure 2"-3"
I used a Paper Trey Ink Paper and a lot of scraps for this card.  (Need to use up those scraps)
I used Tim Holtz Tea Dye Distress ink to ink the edges of the balloon and the top of the mountain.
I used this font from lettering delights found here

Monday, April 9, 2012

"I'll huff and I'll puff..."

Ready for my Print and Cut project?

In May my husband and I will have the privelage of watching our nieces and nephew for a couple days.  I have been coming up with some differnent projets and ideas on how to keep those crazy munchkins busy.  (I have quite the reputation to live up to because they say I always have the best stuff for them to do)  EEeek!  I cannot disappoint!

I took advantage of the sale at Lettering Delights for the cute little finger puppets.  What kid doesn't like using their imagination with finger puppets?  So here is what I have cut out so far.  I am still working on Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood.

Little pigs little pigs... let me come in!

I'll huff and I'll puff...

The signs in the theater are changable depending on the show. 

Not by the hairs of our chiney chin chin!

Super cute right?  Again I ask, what kid wouldn't love to play with this?

Pigs cut out at 3.40" length
Theater was cut out in the area for print and cut on an 8.5" x 11" paper
Font was Lettering Delights Little Piggy found here
Little Piggy Puppets found here
Puppet Theater found here

Confessions of a Craftaholic

Happy Monday everyone!

Many of you may have noticed that I have been mainly doing print and cut or vinyl with my sweet Cam.  There is a good reason why this has been happening.  As of right now my husband and I are renting a little old house from my Grandma.  Currently our nice computer, printer, and office desk reside upstairs so that my husband is able to do his homework and what not.

Well, when I got Cam I decided the best place for him was by our super nice computer and printer.  This has been an issue as all of my craft supplies are in a room in our basement.  hmmm... This means I have to run up and down the stairs to get supplies or bring a whole bunch of supplies upstairs to crowd my dining table.   I have talked about how inconvenient it is to craft to the hubs but he is not really willing to let the computer move downstairs to the crafts.  And in all reality I can see why.  Therefore, I have been doing a whole LOT of print and cut and vinyl because those are the few items I have upstairs by Cam and my computer.  Yes, I go for convenient.  Sigh...  I finally decided this weekend that I was going to make some cards without using print and cut.  I lugged a whole lot of paper and supplies up the stairs and made a big ol' mess on my dining room table so that I could craft using layers of beautiful paper.  Man, I sure made a mess but it was sooo worth it!  I have really missed making cards like that.  I was able to get two cards done, which I will be posting later this week. 

As for now here is a little sneak peek of a print and cut project I will be posting later.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hoppy Monday!!!

Birthday season is rolling around and will be in full swing the next four months.  We have a TON of family Birthdays which is always fun but means there may be a lot of Birthday type posts coming your way for the next little while! :)

What better way to kick off the week, as well as the Birthday season, than with a cute card?  I whipped this up rather quickly over the weekend because I was super busy trying to get my house all clean.  Gotta love house work...

Don't you just love the cute frogs from Lettering Delights!?

I don't know if the fly is as tasty as Birthday Cake but this little frogger sure wants to snatch that fly up!

I used the Lettering Delights Graphics set so I made the cute shadow background with the offset feature in the Silhouette program and made put the layer in white to help my little frogger stand out!

I used the font called "Hobo" on my Mac for the sentiment.  I couldn't resist the little pun!

I was also able to use the little dropper tool in Silhouette to copy the color of my little frogger's belly to uses as the backgroung color!

Frogs and Kisses - Lettering Delights Graphic Set
Hobo Font on Mac
Baker's Twine in Red
Foam pop-up adhesive
White Cardstock - Hobby Lobby
ATG gun

Friday, March 30, 2012

Snail Mail

Can you believe the crafting streak I have been on this week?  I am super impressed with myself.  I think my craftiness is coming back as I make my way out of the funk.  :) 

Jin over at Under a Cherry Tree, made a cute tutorial video for little mini notecards and I knew I wanted to try it out.  I am sometimes still a little slow to figure things out on my Silhouette Cameo and always appreciate good video tutorials to help me out.  If you would like to make some cute little notecards for kids lunches or to use as little love notes for someone special go check her blog out HERE!

Ready to see my cute little mini notecards?

I made little snail mail!
Look how cute they are!

This is to give you an idea how mini they are... Just the size of a credit card!

Close up of that cute little snail!

I can't wait to use these little cuties!  Go check out Jin's blog if you would like to make some of your own!

Bugaboo Snail from Lettering Delights Graphic Set
Patterned Background was from Silhouette's free Background designs included with the software.
Cutout is 3.37" x 2.125"
Used the print and cut feature
Tutorial found here: Under a Cherry Tree


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Girl on Fire!

I don't know how many of you crafty peeps out there have read the books or now have seen the movie (or are planning seeing the movie); but, I LOVE The Hunger Games trilogy.  I have been super excited about seeing the movie since the moment I heard they were going to make a movie.  Of coarse I had to make sure I was dressed for the occasion.  You do not need to spend $20 or more on a themed shirt for your favorite movies when you can make one yourself.

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

I found this awesome stencil type shape online.  I changed it from a JPEG image to a PNG in Photoshop.  I then pulled it into my Silhouette Desingner Studio program and traced the image.  Once it was traced and good to go I cut the shape into the stencil material using my Silhouette Cameo.  Once it was cut out I was able to lay it on my shirt and use some gold fabric paint I found at Hobby Lobby to paint the image onto my shirt.  It took about three layers of paint for the gold to really show.  This is how it turned out.  Ignore the crazy eyes and psyco face in the photo.  I was trying to show my excitement about my shirt and the movie!  ha ha!

I wanted a little more on my shirt and decided to add some words on the back. So, I went on a search for a free Hunger Games font and found it here: Hunger Games Font.  I wanted to keep the wording simple so picked what is shown below.

Again... it took about three layers of gold paint.

All in all my shirt was a success I had several people ask me where I got it and they all looked shocked when I told them I did it myself.  ha ha!

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  I had to hurry and snap these photos with my phone before my husband and I went to see the movie.  I must say that I am so in love with my Cam in these moments.  I have the freedom and ability to make my own movie themed shirts and let my nerdness shine through.  You just cannot get that kind of flexibility with a Cricut machine.  I do not regret making the switch.  Cam is amazing!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Prince Charming

Start the magical Disney Princess themed music playing in your heads. 

Life has been so weird lately.  I feel like I have gotten into a little bit of a funk.  I know it probably happens to everyone but I have not been a huge fan.  My husband has been an absolute gem through my little funky (not the fun funky) time.  He is always such a great supporter of mine through all I do so I decided I should let him know how thankful I am for him.

***Super sweet and gushy sentiment coming***

He really is "My Prince Charming!"

I made him this sweet card and got some of his all time favorite treats and left them all on the table for him to see when he got home.  I am pretty sure he LOVED it!  It is always nice to do something kind for the one you love to let them know they are appreciated, right?

Frog Prince Kiss Silhouette - I used Paper Trey Ink Paper for the image.

Geometric Background - I used my Silhouette Sketch Pens to draw the background.

Lettering Delights Free Spirit Font - I used this cute font for the adorable sentiment.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gad Zooks!

I know what you all are thinking...

Is Crafty Starkie still alive!?!

The answer is yes...


We have been so SUPER busy at my home.  Well, I don't even know if busy is the right word.  It has just been crazy, weird, and busy.  We have had SOOOO many sicknesses between my husband and myself over the past several months - to name a few: bronchitis, stomach flu, pink eye, strep throat, common cold, viruses... you get the idea.  YUCKY!  Pure misery!  We also had other things going on in our crazy sickly lives.  We had some family business to attend to.  Holidays.  A super messy cluttered craft room that still needs a little help.  (sigh)  I have missed crafting so much and I am anxious to get back to it.  I have done small little projects here and there dealing with fabric paint of fabric vinyl but I always forget to take pictures so I don't have any to show you.  I still LOVE Cam!  He is wonderful and I have not regretted getting him for one second.

I would now like to take some time to thank Nicole, you may know her as Teachdanz, for sending me a very cute email.  I am so happy to hear that people actually care and wonder how I am doing and where I have been.  So thank you Nicole!  I really appreciate you taking the time to email me and let me know you were thinking of me.  I need to get back to looking at craft blogs and crafting.  I feel like I am so out of touch with things and I am anxious to see all your posts out there in crafting land.

Well I can say that I actually did take some pictures of a craft recently done.  It was not made by my hands though.  I supplied all the tools needed but all the creativity and craftiness came from my sweet nieces and nephew.  My husband and I were in charge of keeping our nieces and nephew entertained for the night.  I decided it would be really cool if they made their parents some kind of valentine bouquet filled with love notes and plenty of treats.  So, of coarse, I had to turn to my handy dandy Cam man to help me get the job done.  I think it turned out pretty great if I say so myself.  If I were their parents I would LOVE it!

Ta-Da!  Cool huh?  They did EVERYTHING!  They even chose where to stick all there cute creations in the bucket.

Keep in mind all this talent came from one three year old, two five year olds, and a nine year old.  They are so crafty aren't they?

I cut everything out on white cardstock so they could use all the creativity with their coloring!

This was such a big hit with the kiddos that apparently when my husband and I babysit we, "definitely know how to BABYSIT!!!" (insert totally cool tone of voice with a big cheesy smile)

We all know that they got to eat whatever candy I brought! (shhh... I love to spoil them... Don't tell their parents.  I am sure they do not appreciate their kids sugar high)  There was plenty of giggles, admiration for each others projects, and munching on candy.

I am so glad I get to be an Aunt.  I love it!

P.S. I found all the flower shapes and butterfly shapes on the Silhouette online store.

Be expecting some upcoming projects.  I am in the mood to get crafty!