About Me...

Obviously you are curious enough about me to come and check out this page, so let me just tell you.
My name is Blythe Starkie and in the crafting world I am known as: (insert cheesy intro music) Crafty Starkie.  I have been doing different types of crafting my whole life.  My Mom was a pretty crafty person and I would help her a lot growing up.  Recenetly I got into paper crafting with die cutting machines.  I am still improving on my skills and look forward to watching my own progress.

For my Birthday in 2010, my sweet hubby got me a Cricut Expression and I went all out Cricut CRAZY!!! Seriously, I "had" to have a lot of the carts.  Most of you Cricut Crazy ladies out there can probably relate to the last statement. I thought I was super happy and content with my Cricky.  But sadly as time passed, and money got a little tighter, I started to wonder if this machine was really right for me.

I did LOTS of research and decided to add to my craft hoarding (oops)... I meant "hobby."  lol!  My sweet Cam came into my life October 2011 and we are just starting to learn and grow together!  I love Cam, he is the best!  For those of you who do not know who Cam is, he is my Silhouette Cameo machine.

Please follow me along on my crafty adventure.  I would like to start doing tutorials and continue improving on my crafiness.  I hope my blog will inspire and make days brighter.