Saturday, September 24, 2011


The following blog is purely my opinion.  I do not want anyone to take offense to what I say or how I feel as they are my own thoughts and feelings.

I feel like a lot of people are confused as to why I am selling my Cricut stuff.  This really is a hard one to explain as it has a lot to do with my own personal feelings and opinions.  I do love my Cricut in a lot of ways but I have been getting really frustrated with several things.  Examples; cutting quality, expensive carts, limited image choices, etc.

Recently, I decided that I really wanted a machine that would give me the option to cut and print which made me hopeful I would find what I was looking for in the Imagine.  When I started to research the Cricut Imagine I found a lot of negative feedback.  This made me hesitant to spend my money on something that was going to be quite spendy when there were such awful reviews.

So I started searching the Internet for other machines that offer print and cut capabilities.  Recently I have found many of my favorite blogs use svg files and programs like SCAL.  I did not really understand all of it until I found one blog that was particularly helpful at answering all of my questions.  Please give her blog a visit if you are curious.  Under a Cherry Tree  Jin was extremely helpful for me and she is so informative about exactly what I have been looking for.  She use to be a huge fan of Cricut crafting and she switched to the Silhouette machine.  I had never heard of the Silhouette before and I am so sad I didn't because I feel I would not be in the position I am in now.

I would like to make it clear that the Silhouette is not the sole reason I came to the decision to sell my Cricut stuff.  When I first talked about it with my husband we discussed keeping both.  After some more time of thinking he asked me a question that really made me think.  He asked, "If you get the Silhouette will you still use your Cricut stuff?"  At first my response was, "Yeah!  Of coarse I will!"  Unfortunately, after some time thinking about it I am just not so sure of my initial response.  (I hate when husband's are right)  The truth is I am so frustrated with some of the things my Cricut struggles to cut out and how much money I have put into it.  So then I am left to think if I keep it, and it just sits there, it is a waste of money.  If I try to sell it all, yes I will lose some money, but at least I would get some kind of payback for it instead of it sitting untouched and unloved.  There are so many Cricut lovers out there that would love what I have and I want to give them the opportunity to spend less money for something they love and are passionate about.

I go back and forth a lot because I really do love the Cricut and some of the carts I have I will have a hard time parting ways with.  However, in the end I know it will get pushed aside and forgotten about and I do not have that kind of money to lose.    I have loved my Cricut and it is hard to part ways but it is for the best.

The Silhouette provides a lot more of what I am looking for in a die cutting machine.  I just feel it is a better fit for me and my life.  And in the end I could use the money I will make from selling my Cricut stuff and the money I will save from not having to buy expensive carts.  That is where my conclusion lies as sad as it may be.


teachdanz said...

I understand and feel a bit the same way. I am glad I bought scal 2 before the changes with provo craft, good luck!!

Karen said...

I was one of the lucky ones too that has scal that works with my cricut so I don't have that many carts at all. I have been thinking about the future though and what to do if I ever have to get a new machine. I hope you can find a buyer and will be happy with your new machine. I do agree Jin is a wealth of knowledge.

CraftyShell said...

I understand many times I to have been frustrated with cricut. With a tight budget I dont get to get many carts any more. If I could switch over to one that cuts anything I would do it. So I understand where u are coming from hope you got some good tips on where to sell them. Good luck.

LoserGirl said...

I just found your blog from the cricut mb. I sold my cricut and all supplies a couple of weeks ago. It was a tough decision, but I have no regretted it. I am leaning towards buying a Silhouette in the future.

Nita's World Handmade said...

I understand what you mean about the expensive of the carts for cricut, they are costly. That's why I have about 23 carts and I'm finding that I really don't use them a lot anymore, I make most of my cards with Spellbinders dies now and I rally don't post my cards on cricut member board anymore because members don't leave comments and they don't visit my blog.How much are you selling your carts?