Friday, September 23, 2011

Saddest Post EVER!!!

There are going to be many of you that read this post and will be left looking shocked!  This is going to sound so awful to so many, that I am nervous to even post such a thing but I am at a loss of what to do. 

I need to sell my Cricut Expression, Gypsy, and ALL my carts (which are linked to the gypsy).
I would love it if someone wanted the gypsy and all the carts but it will be pretty spendy and I am not even sure what I would charge.

I am getting sick just thinking about it. 

I really need some input from all you wonderful cricut lovers because all my cricky stuff needs a great home where it will be loved.

I have loved every second over the last year with all my cricut goodness but times have changed and I need to sell them now.

Flower Shoppe
Word Collage
Paper Lace 2
Cricut Car Decals
Four Legged Friends
Nifty Fifites
Birthday Bash
Winter Frolic
Rock Princess
Simply Charmed
Country Life
B is for Boy
Block Party
Hoot 'n' Hollar
Cindy Loo
Mini Monsters
Create a Critter
Just Because Cards
Once Upon a Princess
Sweet Treats
From my Kitchen
Everyday Paper Dolls
Winter Woodland
Life's a Beach
Hello Kitty Greeetings
Accent Essentials
Paper Doll Dress Up
Opposites Attract
Mother's Day Bouquet
Nate's ABC's
Wrap it Up
Life's a Party
Everyday Pop-Up Cart
Kate's ABC's
Campin' Critters
Summer in Paris
Plantin School Book
Gypsy Carts:
Smily Cards
Bags, Tags, Boxes and More
Indie Art
Gypsy Font
Gypsy Wanderings

That is 48 carts total with the gypsy... (sigh)

I am way in over my head at the thought of selling but, I need to.  Please give me any input on the best way to sell. If ANYONE would be interested... What to do... what to do????


teachdanz said...

you are not the first one I have seen do this, so no shock here. Is it a money thing? and ask yourself will it actually make you enough money to help? good luck and I hope someone offers you some good advice on selling.

Crystal said...

Hi, I just found your blog today and I am sad to see your post. I think you will have the best luck selling them individually. Unfortunately when they are linked they are not worth as much. Please let me know when you are going to sell them I am very interested in several of your carts. Thanks

CraftyShell said...

Wow I am shocked! I dont know why you are selling if its for money reasons or maybe you got another die cutter. But if its for money reasons I would have to agree the the first persons comment. I would look into how much you can get. If your not going to get alot ot of the carts since they are linked then is it really worth selling. But with that said if you decide to sell the stuff you might try craigs list I bought my gypsy off there. Just do not meet anyone alone and best to meet in public place, be safe. If you are going to sell for sure bad as I hate to say it email me and let me know I am interetsed in the kates abc. Just email me how much. But I hope you decide to keep it all. Good luck

Carolyn/MamaC said...

First, let me say that I am so sorry that you are forced to sell your Gypsy. I really appreciate you taking the right way of selling everything together. There are so many who wouldn't do the right thing.

Second, I saw this on the Cricut Message Board and actually thought about how it would be possible to sell the G and carts. My thought would be to assign an average value to the linked/used carts. For instance...$15-20 each ($720-960) plus G valued around $60-70 for a total value of $790-1030. This is only for an example.

I wish you well and hope there will be someway that you will not have to sell. Good luck!

ReGina said...

Sorry to hear you are selling all of your Cricut stuff! If you decide to sell the carts separatly I am interested in Kate's ABCs, Nate's ABCs, Summer in Paris, and Nifty Fifties! My email addy is